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Delivering the inedible meat pickup service your operation needs

Whether you run a butcher shop in a supermarket, or operate a large-scale meat processing facility, we at Rothsay understand your need for quick, efficient, consistent service to collect your meat scraps and fat & bone. What makes us different from everyone else?

  • Our 130+ year history of service to the food service industry
  • Safe, clean and efficient meat by-products recycling
  • Direct service by our fully-trained employee technicians
  • Modern, company-owned fleet with on-board routing logistics to provide efficient and reliable service to our customers with a lower carbon footprint
  • Extensive network of biosecure processing facilities across North America
  • Diverse solutions for your material - your fats and inedible meat by-products are used for fuel, feed and more
  • Three company-owned* biofuel processing facilities

Full service, fuller impact

  • Full-service management and recycling of your inedible meat by-products, including inedible fat and bone trimmings
  • Non-disruptive scheduling for our removal services
  • Dependable service and operational efficiency
  • The most economically and environmentally viable solution to your fat, bone and inedible meat by-product removal needs
  • Solidify your sustainability image and performance
  • The assurance of working with an experienced, trusted market leader with over 135 years longevity

Your customers will appreciate that you are repurposing your residuals into resources

* Sainte-Catherine, Quebec (Rothsay Biodiesel); Butler, Kentucky (DAR PRO Bioenergy); and Norco, Louisiana (Diamond Green Diesel, jointly owned by Darling Ingredients Inc. and Valero Energy Corporation)