How do I reach customer service?

Rothsay's customer service center handles all customer calls for Canadian restaurant and meat by-product services, and can be reached at 800-263-0302.  Our Let's Get Started forms, found on most pages of our website, will also connect you with our customer service representatives.

Do I have to sign a contract to become a customer?

We do ask new customers to sign a service agreement, for both your and our protection and benefit. In the majority of cases, no signup fees are involved. Such an agreement provides assurance to our customer that we are their sole service provider, and outlines the service expectations we have agreed to provide. Marking your outdoor tank contents as property of Rothsay can also help prevent and/or prosecute grease theft.

What does it cost me to be a Rothsay customer?

In the majority of cases, there is no signup or administrative fee for being our customer, although dependent upon market conditions, store location, or other special circumstances, we occasionally may need to charge a small delivery or setup fee. This would be disclosed prior to finalizing any agreement. We generally do not charge for grease pickup service under normal yellow grease market and operational conditions. Normally we provide the oil storage equipment at no charge to our customers, often providing them an indoor solution that helps them get the most of any rebate.

My business is growing. What if need my UCO picked up more often?

Part of our excellence in providing satisfied customer service is effectively determining a pickup schedule that is tied to a store’s volume, which is most efficient for both us and our customers. If your used cooking oil volume has changed (increase or decrease) since you signed on as a customer, call our Customer Service Center.

Why are my rebate checks smaller, or why am I no longer getting one?

If you are still using the same amount of fresh oil and your cooking and oil storage methods have not changed, but you are seeing smaller (or no) rebate checks, it could be one of two things. Yellow grease markets may have dropped and we have had to adjust our rebates accordingly, or, someone is likely stealing your grease. We pay rebates based on the amount of oil we pick up; if it has been stolen, there is less (or none) for us to pump. To determine if it is theft, let our Customer Service Center (800-263-0302) know of your suspicion, and if possible, install an outside security camera on your grease corral to monitor illicit activity. If you do confirm theft, call your local police to report the crime, and let us know as well.