Rothsay has been serving the Canadian food industry with sustainable waste solutions since the 1950s

For over 50 years, Rothsay has served Canada with essential services for the efficient and environmentally responsible management of collecting, processing and recycling edible and inedible animal by-products. Rothsay, like Darling Ingredients, is committed to environmental sustainability, superior quality and excellent customer service.

A part of Darling Ingredients

A part of Darling Ingredients, our roots and experience stretch back to the beginnings of our organization. With a legacy of over a century, Darling Ingredients has emerged as a global leader and innovator in the development and production of sustainable ingredients from nutrient-rich organic by-products, providing quality products and services to industries around the world. Our critical and environmentally safe solutions help protect the food and feed chains, keep people and animals safe, and benefit people, businesses and the environment.

A legacy of service to global industries

Over the years, Darling Ingredients has expanded its business from traditional rendering operations to include a wide range of innovative residuals-to-resources services around the world. In January of 2014, Darling Ingredients expanded its operations to span five continents. Our organization now offers a global portfolio of over 400 products and services for the food, feed, fuel and pharmaceutical industries that are used in businesses and homes around the world every day. Rothsay is proud to be the Canadian member of the Darling Ingredients family.