You can rest easy knowing our services and products comply with all regulations

At Rothsay, we take our commitment to integrity, safety and environmental stewardship seriously. Part of that commitment is abiding by all applicable regulations. As a Rothsay customer, you can rest easy knowing the ingredients you use have been produced safely, efficiently and in full compliance with all environmental and government codes – and that the raw materials we use are collected and processed in accordance with the latest legislation. When you purchase a Rothsay branded product, you can have confidence knowing it was produced with an unparalleled approach to quality assurance and biosecurity – a commitment that supports our success in producing consistent, quality products.

HACPP certification and training

The implementation of prevention-based programs as defined by the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) food safety model provides for contaminant-free products that are safe to use. Plant personnel at each of our facilities monitor the control points and compliance to critical limits, verified by audits conducted by HACCP regulators. HACCP training is included in the pre-employment training of new employees. Current employees are also required to receive annual HACCP awareness training.

Raw material inspection/evaluation/traceability

Raw materials are inspected during unloading for any physical or chemical contamination. Records are maintained to trace materials through the production process to customer receipt for a transparent supply chain at all times. Samples from all rendered fat production runs and incoming shipments are routinely tested using gas chromatography for the presence of chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides and PCBs.