Rothsay Creating a renewable future

Reliable. Versatile. Efficient.

Our large fleet of dedicated vehicles enables us to offer a high quality collection service capable of handling an array of animal by-products. Ranging from small abattoirs to large scale processing plants our equipment, well trained staff, and specially-designed fleet are committed to ensuring a fast and dependable collection service for all of our valued customers.

The Rothsay Advantage:

  • Capability to service all volumes of material and all pick-up frequencies
  • Efficient ruminant and non-ruminant route planning which allows us to optimize the value of the material by analyzing which Rothsay facility it is best suited for
  • Approved and appropriate raw material containers available for our customers’ convenient use including dedicated collection and transportation equipment for large scale operations
  • Excellent geographic service coverage in the provinces that are serviced
  • Customer service representatives that are committed to quality and dedicated to building a long-term relationship based on the evolving needs of the customer