For over 50 years Rothsay has produced high quality products that cater to the needs of our customers in industries ranging from agriculture to transportation to foodservice.

Through collaboration with customers, government, university researchers, and industry affiliates we continuously improve our products and explore opportunities for innovation.


Protein meals and feed fats are widely used in the aquaculture industry due to their renowned nutrient rich content and highly digestible qualities. Use of these ingredients in aquaculture feed can help lead to the overall optimal nutrition of your fish.


Exceeding all national and international specifications, Rothsay's biodiesel is crystal clear, colourless and excellent for use in all diesel engines without modification.

Edible Fats & Oils

Rothsay's edible products are widely used in the foodservice and bakery industries because of their flavour enhancing qualities. With a reputation for flavour, our CFIA approved products are the preferred choice in baking and cooking.

Fats & Oils

A main product of the rendering process, fats and oils, also known as tallow, account for around 20% of rendered inedible raw material. These products can be used as high-energy additives for animal feed or used in the manufacture of chemicals, plastics and other industrial and consumer goods.

Pet Food Ingredients

Protein meals and feed fats are used in most pet food products around the world. Rendered products enrich pet foods with essential fatty acids, vitamins and other vital nutrients at a relatively low cost. They provide high quality protein with a healthy balance of amino acids which helps to improve pet performance and appearance. These products also fortify pet foods palatability and appearance by improving the colour and texture of the pet food.

Protein Meals

Animal protein meals are one of the main products of the rendering process, along with fat and water. Protein meal is categorized based on the species that it is made from. Rendered protein meals are rich sources of protein, amino acids, energy minerals (calcium and phosphorus), and other vital nutrients.