About Rothsay

Rothsay is the largest rendering operation in Canada, with six processing facilities.

Rothsay, a division of Darling Ingredients Inc., has its main office in Guelph, Ontario with roots in the Canadian rendering industry extending over 50 years. Today, Rothsay operates in Canada with over 500 employees, providing essential services for the efficient and environmentally responsible management of collecting, processing and recycling edible and inedible animal by-products. Rothsay, like Darling Ingredients, is committed to environmental sustainability, superior quality and excellent customer service.

What does Rothsay do to build a renewable and sustainable future?

  • Recycles more than 99% of the collected products into value-added products
  • Provides vital services to the food and agricultural industries
  • Provides animal by-product collection that would otherwise be diverted to landfill
  • Transforms animal by-products into value-added products
  • Recycles used cooking oil
  • Reduces greenhouse gases by producing and using biodiesel in our own fleets

Rothsay's History

Rothsay has over 50 years of experience in the rendering industry. Founded in the 1950s, Rothsay has steadily grown over time to its current structure operating 6 different facilities.

1947: Rothsay Hickson (formerly Oxford Deadstock) is founded

1960: Rothsay Dundas facility (formerly Orenco) is founded

1962: Rothsay Moorefield is founded (formerly Rothsay Concentrates)

1965: Rothsay Montreal (formerly Gordon Young Group) is founded

1969: Maple Leaf Mills purchases Rothsay Moorefield facility

1980: Canada Packers purchases Rothsay Dundas

1980: Maple Leaf Mills purchases Gordon Young Group – bringing together Moorefield, Foxtrap, Montreal, Winnipeg, Truro

1987: Hillsdown Holdings purchases Maple Leaf Mills

1990: Hillsdown Holdings purchases Canada Packers – Dundas joins the Rothsay family

1995: McCain Capital Corporation and the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board acquire controlling Interest in Maple Leaf Foods Inc. from Hillsdown Holdings

2005: Rothsay opens Canada’s first commercial-scale biodiesel operation in Montreal

2008: Rothsay Hickson (formerly Central By-Products/Oxford Deadstock) joins Rothsay

2013: Rothsay and Rothsay Biodiesel are acquired by Darling Ingredients Inc., making Rothsay a part of the largest provider of rendering and recycling solutions to North America's food industry

Six Sigma

Rothsay engages in a rigorous, fact based and all-encompassing approach to business leadership and breakthrough improvement called Six Sigma. Based on "doing the right things right the first time," Six Sigma is focused on minimizing waste throughout the entire value chain. By listening to the Voice of the Customer and applying a comprehensive set of business tools, Six Sigma helps Rothsay to continuously improve all products and processes. Six Sigma improves overall process efficiency and performance while ensuring that the end product exceeds the expectations of the customer.