Rothsay Quality Assurance

Rothsay is dedicated to transforming animal by-products into high quality finished goods.

Rothsay takes great pride in being one of the first North American independent renderers to implement Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Program (HACCP) to ensure the safety of our products.

Rothsay utilizes Six Sigma methodology and tools in combination with HACCP standards to continuously improve our processes allowing us to offer the highest quality products. Our quality assurance program allows us to meet industry standards and tailor products to fit our customers’ specific needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Rothsay is recognized as a leader in the Agri-business and Feed Industry and maintains a strong relationship with Government regulatory bodies.

Rothsay adheres to the standards set out by government regulatory bodies and industry associations.  Our in-house lab allows us to ensure compliance at every level of our operation.  Rothsay works closely with industry partners to implement preventive and control measures to ensure a safe feed and food supply.

HACCP Standards